If you don’t innovate and improve upon the services you offer, you’ll be left behind.

An easy way to make sure you stay on the leading edge of services offered in your industry is to partner with technology providers that make it their job to push the boundaries and stay on top of the tidal changes within their own specialty.
For example, ACH payments and bank verification methods.

If you are a platform offering traditional and non-traditional financing options for businesses, you have a lot of complicated processes that you are trying to streamline within your platform. Without needing to build everything from the ground up, you can partner with white label and private label technologies to provide their services within your native experience.

Instead of needing to build and maintain your own payment solution, and then stay abreast of all the updates in the fintech space, partner with a company that can provide you what your business needs, and implements the latest changes in the industry in a way that allows you to scale easily while providing services that your customers expect.

Dwolla’s payment infrastructure has been bundled up into a well-documented and robust API that allows you to do things like send transfers to, from, and between customers, as well as manage and verify customers and bank accounts.

The best part: Dwolla’s ACH API allows you to build this functionality inside of your own platform, never sending your customers outside of our own experience. They don’t want to leave your platform to interact with a new brand, and you don’t want them to—so don’t.
When you partner with Dwolla as a payments technology partner, you’re partnering with a thought leader in the fintech industry. Staying up to date on the latest innovations in the ACH network, Dwolla offers things like instant bank verificationexpedited transfers, and even pilot programs for new functionality like Same Day ACH.

Move your platform into the modern day, and offer your B2B customers the service they deserve. Lean on Dwolla to help you deliver that service, and we’ll guide you through a successful integration and launch within the time frame you designate.

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