Dwolla created the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem as a way of connecting our clients with additional services that complement our programmable payments platform. Dwolla is partnering and will continue to partner with industry leaders in key areas that ultimately help our clients expand their business. Since the introduction of our Partner Ecosystem, we have been diligently working to grow the value and enhance the overall experience of working with Dwolla.

We’re excited to share an update that will make it easier for new partners to provide their service to Dwolla’s clients.

Introducing the Partner Portal

By connecting our partners and clients, we are not only solving immediate business problems but creating an environment where technology and good ideas can build off each other. A great example of this was with the more recent launch of Partner Integrations, which introduced a new type of partnership focusing on the idea of sharing ideas.

From the very beginning, we saw such amazing collaboration between our clients and partners that we knew we needed to continue strengthening this portion of our platform to support these integrations. We wanted to make it easier and more convenient for partners to experience what an integration could bring to their business.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce the rollout of the Dwolla Partner Portal, a dedicated portal for current and prospective partners to manage their integration process in a consolidated location. From testing in the sandbox to managing your application in production, this new portal experience gives integrated partners clearer insights and better control of their integration.

Partner Integrations allows for an integration to be built just once for an application so that literally hundreds of clients and millions of their customers can use it with very little time and effort. It is a great way for partners to access the Dwolla Platform and build a user base for their application—while enabling clients to utilize all the great features of the integration with very little effort.

Dwolla partner portal

Getting started is easier than ever. If you are interested in a partnership with Dwolla and providing an integrated solution to Dwolla’s clients, simply navigate to https://accounts.dwolla.com/sign-up/partner, create a Partner Account and begin developing an integration with the Dwolla Platform.

Benefits For Partners & Clients

Being an Integrated Partner allows a business to put forth an application within the Dwolla Platform and tap into our rich pool of clients—accessing millions of their users. Our developer friendly API and helpful documentation allows a business to easily integrate with the Dwolla Platform. Once integrated, your business is listed alongside all our other great integrations, such as Slack, QuickBooks, Apto & Sift.

From a Dwolla client’s perspective, these integrations allow them to utilize the full set of features associated with an Integrated Partner’s application—at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to build out the integration on their own.

Say you are a Dwolla client who really wants to send notifications to customers when funds are deposited into their balance. You could look to Slack’s open API and build out an integration from scratch within your application. Or, you could log into the Dwolla Dashboard, toggle the Slack Integration, configure a few settings and literally be up and running within a few minutes.

Portal Progression

While we are thrilled to release the Partner Portal, at Dwolla, we are never done. This milestone is just that, a milestone. We plan to constantly iterate on our enhancements, making sure we provide our partners—and our clients—with an ideal experience; there will be more milestones.

We believe in programmable payments and with the help of our partners, our payment platform will support more businesses. If you believe your business complements programmable payments, start building in the Partner Portal and access our growing list of innovative clients.

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