Whether it’s finding a great Cyber Monday deal or ordering tickets to an event later in the year, online and in-app payments have become a key piece of everyday life. Many companies (e.g. Amazon, StubHub, Target) take measures to provide each user with information to assure their account is safe and their transaction has been completed. One of those safeguards includes the notifications that users receive from the website or application, such as:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Shipment Details
  • Delivery Details

But there are many more notifications that a user could receive when it comes to payment and account activity.

Users typically have the ability to sign up for optional communications from businesses, such as newsletters, sale alerts and product updates. However, some transactional notifications, such as ‘payment initiated’ or ‘payment failed’ need to be sent, and businesses oftentimes want users to know of account related activity to make sure it was an intended action.

Being a consumer to many businesses and applications myself, in addition to working for a business that powers the payments experience for businesses, I have a vested interest in wanting our customers and their users to have a positive experience, especially as it relates to their payments.

At Dwolla, the customer’s interests help influence our product roadmap in developing features that help our customers save time and scale their business. Guiding businesses to provide the ideal experience to their end users while building trust through strong security practices drives our company and the API integrations we power.

Rather than relying on in-app notifications or a message center for a transaction notification, companies send you a direct communication to make sure you are aware of activity on your account. The notification will happen any time you (or someone else) are active with your account—that email notification is consistently delivered to that account holder.

Dwolla makes it easier for businesses using our platform to provide their end users with a reliable payments experience. Keeping in mind that businesses that utilize the Dwolla platform enjoy the ability to maintain their brand throughout the consumer’s experience, we are able to provide a solution to a necessary and tedious process that provides our customers and their users more protection with a quality user-centric experience.

We are excited to release an alternative to our customers that are focused on getting launched with the Dwolla platform quickly, while protecting their consumers. Dwolla’s Operational Notifications removes the burden of creating and sending up to 27 transactional emails from our customers.

With Operational Notifications, Dwolla empowers customers with the ability to brand their emails and have them sent with the same reliability as other API integrators have found in our webhooks.

“The fact that Dwolla is such a reliable and efficient payment solution, it’s tough to know exactly how much we’ve been able to decrease fees and technology issues, but it has been significant. The switch to Dwolla improved our user onboarding time from days down to minutes.”
Chris Schmitt

As a company that is passionate about delivering on new products and features for our customers, we know that launching products can be hard. Ensuring that you are focused on your target market, delivering what your users need and continuous iteration of a product is a true science of effective delivery.

Our offering of Operational Notifications help you clear one of the hurdles to developing a product that informs your customers so that you can focus on the task at hand—launching your app!


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