Get online business payments powered by Dwolla. From a high level, the Dwolla API offers:

  • A RESTful API with all of the endpoints you need to seamlessly onboard your users
  • Dedicated and ongoing support to get you up and running with the tools you need
  • The ability to verify bank accounts with secure Instant Account Verification (IAV) through Dwolla.js or Plaid

Online payments—your users expect them, businesses operate more effectively with them, they’re convenient, fast, and secure. But which solutions work best for you?

Let’s get right down to what Dwolla can offer your business.

The Dwolla API

Dwolla is a SaaS solution, connecting businesses’ applications and platforms to the ACH network. Once the API is integrated, you can programmatically facilitate transfers between U.S. bank accounts.

The API offers a variety of features and functionality, so you can tailor the integration to your specific needs and payments process.

Dwolla Mass Payments and API

Mass Payments is a feature within Dwolla that allows you to automate disbursements to large numbers of people. Programmatically pay out thousands of user accounts at one time.

After you’ve built your application or platform and created some users with just an email and name, it’s an easy process for initiating mass payments via the API:

  1. First, identify the user’s bank account to be used to receive the payment disbursement
  2. Create a list of payments, a.k.a. ‘items’, to be made, containing information about an individual payment you wish to create
  3. Send the API request to initiate a mass payment to your recipients

To learn more about integrating mass payments using the Dwolla API, view the developer documentation.

Improve Transaction Clearing Times

Another feature to improve your payments efficiency is with speedier transaction clearing times, which is what you could get with Dwolla’s same day or next day capability.

Moving money in: With Next Day, move funds into the Dwolla network in as few as 1-2 business days, giving you more control over your cash flow.

Moving money out: With Same Day ACH, send funds to your user’s bank accounts as quickly as the same business day. Dwolla was one of the first fintech companies in the industry to equip our API with same day ACH Credits. Our customers operating marketplaces—frequently delivering payouts—especially love this feature.
Learn more about how others have improved transaction clearing time with a case study.

Powerful API with thoughtful documentation

With the Dwolla API, you get to build with a thoughtfully documented RESTful API, making it easy for your development team to integrate in a way that suits your business operations. All documentation is open-sourced, and you’re free to start testing in the sandbox for free, right away.

With HATEOS, your developers can easily interact with resources without needing to understand Dwolla’s business logic.

Our sophisticated webhooks allow for near real-time notifications to be triggers for transaction and account related events. Finally, you can offer a simple, beautiful customer onboarding experience with dynamically generated client-based HAL forms.

Increased Limits

Your organization’s operations shouldn’t be constrained by low transfer limits.

If your business requires the ability to send more than $10,000 per transaction (the default limit for Dwolla merchant accounts), we’ll work with you to find an increased transaction limit that better suits your organization’s needs.

Dedicated Support

When you’re successfully live with the Dwolla API, we’re doing our jobs right. In addition to our developer forums for discussing and troubleshooting with the wider Dwolla community, we’ll provide Dwolla customers with dedicated support to ensure that you and your customers get up and running quickly and seamlessly.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Dwolla’s API can enable bank transfers within your platform or application, reach out to our Sales Team below.


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