Make this year the one that you upgraded a vital piece of your business operations—mass payouts and disbursements.

With Dwolla’s API you can eliminate many of the issues that currently plague your business to partner transactions.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the features of our ACH payments API that can become part of your very own dynamic disbursement tool.

Mass Payments

Get started quickly—Dwolla mass payments makes it easy to send up to 5,000 payments with one API request.

Design an automated solution that looks and feels like your brand, while solving for your business’s needs. Because of our unique approach to pricing—a SaaS-based contract—you are not nickel and dimed on a per transaction fee basis.

Increased Limits

Your mass payments shouldn’t be handicapped by low transfer limits. If your business needs require sending more than $10,000 per transaction (the default limit for Dwolla merchant accounts), we’ll work with you to find an increased transaction limit that better suits your organization’s needs.

Expedited Transfers

Thrill your recipients with faster payouts, by applying and leveraging next day ACH transfers or same day ACH.

Next Day allows you to move funds into the Dwolla network in as little as 1-2 business days, giving you more control over your cash flow. Same Day ACH allows you to payout to your recipients in as little as the same business day.


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