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A carefully crafted brand is imperative to building a successful business. However, maintaining control of that brand can be a real challenge. Whether it’s a boutique brick-and-mortar store relying on a fabric distributor to fulfill their orders on time, or an online marketplace that relies on a security software provider to keep their site safe and stable, there are several variables that affect your business and your brand.

The Pain

For an up and coming startup, maintaining control of their brand meant reducing friction for their users within their mobile application experience. They needed a reliable payments provider to facilitate bank-to-bank transfers within their interface. However, they weren’t keen on introducing a third-party software provider in-app, thus requiring their users to leave their experience and register for other accounts for a successful transaction.

The Solution

That’s where Dwolla’s White Label ACH services and seamless user-onboarding was able to provide value.

The Story


Tiptotem, now available in Google Play and on iTunes, is a mobile tipping app that enhances income opportunities for gratuity earners within creative, entertainment, hospitality, and similar industries. The mobile platform provides a space for gratuity earners to engage customers and fans and enable tippers to connect with and help promote their favorite service providers, local musicians and performers.  

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Tiptotem was created by three men obsessed with the payments market, living at the near opposite ends of the Americas (San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Quito, Ecuador). They say they built tiptotem because they want to help give everyone that works for tips a pay raise. Who could argue with that goal?  

Bank-to-bank transfers were a must for gratuity earners, many of whose livelihood is built around and excellence is honored by the cash tip. With one developer, tiptotem was able to vertically integrate this bank transfer functionality into their platform within 3 weeks. Tiptotem found that Dwolla’s API easily mapped to their needs, with surprisingly few changes to their own API, which they’d built prior to discovering Dwolla.


Tiptotem wants high-quality service providers and beloved performers and musicians to be able to capture more of the value they create—earning more tips by using the platform than they would by placing a hat or can at the front of the stage or relying on customers to tip accordingly for a world-class dining experience. IMG_1308 (1)Not only is this a more convenient and secure way for gratuity earners to collect tips, it also doesn’t limit the tippers to the physical cash they have on-hand. No need to locate an ATM for the tipper, and no more trekking to a bank to deposit cash earned for the gratuity earner. Using Dwolla’s API, tiptotem simply transfers all tips directly from the tipper’s bank account right into the tippee’s account.


With tiptotem, convenience is commodity—it’s the nurturing of relationships between tippers and tippees that’s their focus. It’s why they’ve embedded chat capabilities, user rankings, public and private posting abilities, map search, and group payment splitting—helping their users gauge the level of excellence of the gratuity earner, as well as the generosity of the tipper. Payments should just work, and now they do.

The Resolution

We’re excited to announce that tiptotem has released their application to the Apple Store today, and we encourage you to download it and check it out for yourself—download tiptotem right here

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