Upload DBA Document

When a Business Verified Customer is placed in the document verification status, Dwolla will return a link in the API response after retrieving a Customer, which will be used by an application to determine if documentation is needed. A new Link Name of upload-dba-document was added to identify if documents are needed for a business’s DBA (Doing Business As) registration.

Our developer documentation walks through the identity verification process for Business Verified Customers within Dwolla’s API. This type of customer represents a business that intends to send or receive funds on a platform.

Key terminology for this Customer type includes:

  • Account Admin – The representative creating the business verified Customer on behalf of the business and Controller.
  • Controller – Any natural individual who holds significant responsibilities to control, manage, or direct a company or other corporate entity (i.e. CEO, CFO, General Partner, President, etc). A company may have more than one controller, but only one controller’s information must be collected
  • Beneficial Owner – Any natural person who, directly or indirectly, owns 25% or more of the equity interests of the company.

Use the Business Verified Customer Drop-in Component to get started.

Dashboard Features Feedback

We continue to look for feedback from our clients to help influence the upcoming improvements to the Dwolla Dashboard. We value our clients’ first-hand experience and want to learn more about who is using the dashboard and how they interact within the dashboard.

If you’re interested in providing feedback to our team on the Dwolla Dashboard, please reach out to research@dwolla.com.


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