Key Updates:

1. Dwolla Drop-in Components

Dwolla is developing a series of pre-built tools focused on saving development time and reducing the technical barrier to entry.

By adding just a few lines of code, Dwolla will display a customizable front-end modal to your user and facilitate calls to the API. Whether you are quickly testing basic API calls or pushing for production use, these drop-in components allow you to rapidly implement key functionality into your application.

Currently we have four drop-in components in `beta` phase and available for testing.

  • Create an `Unverified` Customer
  • Upgrade an `Unverified` Customer to `Verified` Status
  • Upload Document
  • Create a `Verified` Customer

If you are interested in being an early adopter, please reach out to us at with the name and the email address you used to sign up for the Dwolla Sandbox.

2. Dashboard Launchpad for Integrations

Users that sign up for a Dwolla account will now have a more tailored experience for application approval.

Within the Launchpad, new users can utilize the Dwolla Launchpad as a way of referring to and checking off tasks for going live and launching their application with Dwolla.

Dwolla Dashboard Launchpad Graphic

3. Security Improvements to the Dwolla Platform

Your security is very important to us, which is why we continue investing in our platform to further the use of multi-factor authentication.

A few weeks ago we began sending Dwolla Dashboard users a six-digit code to their email upon login. Dashboard users will need to enter that code to authenticate their identity. Have a preferred third-party application for dual-auth? You can update your MFA preferences by visiting security settings in your Dashboard.

Learn more about MFA and why it’s important in our blog post.

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