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Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) Pilot

Like many of you, we believe open banking is the future. But until now, organizations in the U.S. haven’t been able to connect with banks and fintechs simply and directly, which has potentially limited some companies’ ability to innovate.

To solve this problem, Dwolla has developed our Virtual Account Number (VAN) feature for account-to-account transfers. This service will open up the options for sending, receiving and reconciling funds among parties in the U.S. financial system. Today, VANs are available to select pilot clients as we work toward a full release in early 2022. To get early access to this feature, sign up for the waitlist.

Enhancements to Document Verification Status

To make the verification status of a document more clear, Dwolla added a new API field titled “documentVerificationStatus”. This field indicates the status of the document after being reviewed by Dwolla. Values can be either pending, accepted or rejected. Use this field to find out if the document was accepted or rejected. If it was rejected, look for the “allFailureReasons” object within the same document resource to determine the reason(s) for rejecting it.

API Reference Docs – A Fresh Look

For a while our API Reference docs lived separately from our main Developer Documentation. It was slow to load, which hindered the user experience of developers trying to look for information about the Dwolla API. Having understood this pain point and with the hopes to provide a more seamless developer experience with our documentation, the Dwolla team worked on moving the API reference into the Developer Portal. Check out the fresh new look!


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