Dwolla offers a powerful bank transfers API that developers can build into their existing platform or application in order to facilitate bank transfers to, from, or between their users.

Speeding up ACH Transfers

A feature of this API is that approved businesses and their users can reduce the wait time of ACH transfers to 1-2 business days. This is a compelling story to tell in business, when needing faster access to capital can mean getting to market or growing more quickly.

By using next day and same day ACH, multiple “windows” are available for providers or financial institutions to send ACH batch files (credit card payments, utility bills, etc.).

These additional windows speed up the transfer time and allow payments to be processed in one or the same business day. Using same day ACH allows for ACH transfers to be processed on the same business day; all other ACH transfers settle on the next business day.

Next Day ACH Transfers

Next Day ACH transfers can be useful for many business models, but especially those that need to perform mass payouts or disbursements to vendors or consultants quickly. Being able to reduce that wait time for funds to transfer out of one network and into another gives partnering businesses more control over their funds flow. By doing so, partners can even reduce their need to send expensive and inconvenient wire transfers.

Dwolla offers a branded payment experience that merchants can leverage by going to dwolla.com, creating an account and using our ready-made tools. Partners who choose to tailor their experience with our White Label APIs are able to customize their ideal payment solution, keeping users on their own site and providing a seamless payment flow.

While Next Day Transfers are a paid feature of the Dwolla API, we are happy to work with you on what those payments look like and what makes sense for your business or use case.

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