Multi-user gives your Admin account the ability to securely add team members to your dashboard, so they can help manage the operations of your business. We recognize that across your own organization, you may want different permissions given to different groups.

Your Dwolla Admin can set permissions for each user in your organization as you see fit. Give your customer support reps insight into transaction activity or let your developers manage the application.

The account Admin can also revoke or change permissions, and force a password reset.

Manage users


Granting permissions is simple and intuitive, built with input from customers who’ve requested the ability to add other team members to their Dwolla dashboard.

“Being able to securely invite our team members to Dwolla’s dashboard was essential to running our ACH payments integration effectively, from reconciling payment activity with our accounting department to providing our customer service team with the information they need to best support our customers. We look forward to leveraging the multi-user functionality as a core way we manage business operations going forward.”


Special thanks to Juno for helping us iterate on this feature and get it into production.

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