By: Genny Couch,

This blog post comes from one of the newest members of our Sales Team. Genny works with a wide variety of customers to understand their bank transfer needs and find a solution. She also loves bagels.


Memorial Day Weekend 2016: I packed up a rented U-Haul and said ‘Hasta Luego’ to the Bay Area. Before this moment, I had spent the last two years working in sales and exploring San Francisco. But now, Interstate 80 was calling my name—time to head back to the state that everyone I had met in the last two years reacted with “Oh the potato one?”

Let me begin by saying San Francisco is an amazing city. If you haven’t been, book a flight. Pro tip: October/November is the best time to go.

Recently, any San Francisco-related press has been about the cost of living, millennials showing no concern for impending gentrification, or tech companies ruining the city. What they don’t talk about is the mild climate year-round, the diversity of the city, and all the drool-worthy Thai restaurants open way past normal dinner hours. The city is full of beautiful sights, intelligent people, and hills that would make your grandmother cry.

During my two years, I worked in a sales job at one of the larger tech companies. The position I held taught me heaps about sales, teamwork, and drive. I made great friends and was able to grow as a professional. Ultimately, I decided to make the move back to Iowa. I’m a Midwestern girl at heart, and I longed to be surrounded by the inherently good people of this fine state.

Beginning the job search felt like my first time watching Anchorman 2—I had no faith this experience was going to be able to top the previous. I was leaving the most innovative city in California and moving to Des Moines, Iowa. I was trying to be realistic!

Then came Dwolla…

If you somehow got to this blog post and don’t know what Dwolla is, let me enlighten you in a rapid manner. We provide a white-labeled bank transfer service for businesses. That sounds simple enough, right? However, we are dealing with the Automated Clearing House (aka ACH, basically the electronic “rails” connecting bank accounts in the US). I am about to begin my fourth month in this role, and am still learning new intricacies about the ACH system every day. ACH is very antiquated, and at Dwolla, we are making it more relevant and navigable for businesses to use to deliver efficiencies.

If you’re in sales, you know how much easier it is to sell something that you actually see value in. That’s why I help sell Dwolla’s ACH API.

So many businesses offer the ability for you to pay your monthly bill with a credit card. Do you know how much money that is actually costing the business? Credit cards in the US charge some crazy percentage-based per-transaction fees to those businesses. On the other hand, ACH transfers—bank to bank—cost fractions of a penny. Shouldn’t it be easy for a business to pay out its contracted workers or merchants all at once, directly into their bank account?

At Dwolla, we believe in this value and we believe in giving businesses an approachable means of accessing it. We’re giving a wide scope of businesses the ability to easily transfer funds via the ACH network. We focus on the payments in the backend, so business owners and innovators can spend their energy on what they do best, perfecting their business.  

Joining Dwolla’s sales team was made even easier because I knew that I didn’t have to give up the work culture I had enjoyed in SF. I figured that moving to Des Moines, I would be swapping out my jeans for a pantsuit and diving into the world of insurance. Not the case. In addition to the casual attire, we have an open office environment. The whole team is supportive, and when we have ideas, they’re heard.

Bottom line, we’re all here for the same reason: to build the ideal platform to move money.

Moving back to Iowa from San Francisco was a great choice for me, personally and professionally. At Dwolla, we have an innovative payments product. I’m excited to continue to grow with this business, and better yet, I believe in what I am selling.

In San Francisco, working for an innovative company is the norm. In Des Moines it’s an exception, and I get excited to tell people I work at a thought-leader in the financial space. Who wouldn’t?

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