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As we edge up to the end of 2016, we’re taking a look back at the most valuable blog posts and insights our team has shared this past year. Take a look and click through to learn more about your favorite or most interesting topics.

Simplified Customer Onboarding Through a Better-Formed API

In this post, learn how our developers altered the HAL-FORMs Media Type to improve and simplify the customer onboarding and user experience within the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin. Complete with code snippets, Jared outlines his research, thought process, and the benefits of using this approach.

3 Strategies for Improved Event Handling

It’s typical, as engineers, to build systems with a happy end-user experience in mind, no hiccups or snafus. The truth is, that’s not always the case. In this blog post, Andrew outlines three strategies for improved event handling, including message retrying, backoff strategies, and message throttling.

Bootstrapping CloudFormation Resources

If you’re running infrastructure on AWS, CloudFormation can be a great provisioning option for versioned, software-defined infrastructure. However, as Chris explains, the lag time between new features being added to AWS products and those features being supported in CloudFormation can be frustrating. Learn how we’ve worked to mitigate the issue.

Scala, Docker, and Our Open-Sourced SBT Tools and Libraries

Since the team at Dwolla spends a good amount of time with Scala microservices deployed using Docker, we’ve written several SBT plugins and helper libraries. Brian digs into a few of these plugins used to help manage services, both in production and locally during development. Topics include Scala Test Utilities, Scala AWS Utilities, Berkshelf Chef Dependencies, Publishing Artifacts to S3, CloudFormation Stacks, and Docker Containers.

ACH Payments for Developers (By a Developer)

At Dwolla, we talk ACH payments every single day so our team is acutely in tune with everything that goes on behind the scenes. However, that’s not the case for many developers looking to integrate our ACH APIs, and that’s why we think this post is especially valuable. Our Integration Engineer takes you through what you need to know about ACH payments as a developer. It’s a complete breakdown.

Fake it as You Make it: Why Fake Services are Awesome for Developers

Now, more than ever, we build applications by relying on tools and services that others have made. Building software by composing services is extremely powerful, but it can still be a rocky road. In this blog post, Shea takes us through how and why you should use fake services when testing and building. From real-life examples, to steps for getting started, this blog post helps you understand the ins, outs, ups and downs for faking it while you make it.

Cutting Out the Busywork for Developers with Better Design

This blog post is here for all our front-end developers. Our Head of UX explains how we raised the bar on ourselves, cutting out the busy work and unnecessary steps in order to make integration and getting started as seamless as possible for developers. From defining the goals of the developer experience, to simple tricks and tips, here’s how we improved our developer experience.

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