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A rising tide lifts all ships…

So we’re bringing the sea to Des Moines.

In addition to hearing from world-class speakers and connecting with CEOs, founders, investors and inventors, Monetery is connecting startups with some of the best venture capital firms in the country.

One of our goals with Monetery is to foster relationships that otherwise wouldn’t happen. Day 2 of Monetery, on May 22, will focus on relationship building while shining a bright light on some of the best early-stage companies. Startups accepted into the Monetery One-on-Ones have the opportunity to participate in a schedule full of meetings with venture capital firms from across the country.

We believe in creating value in the Midwest and want to bring others with us on the journey to growing the Midwest tech ecosystem. The Monetery One-on-Ones is unlike any other event because of its access and intimacy.

Participating Venture Firms

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with premier investors and the chance to grow your company.


Several of the largest and most exclusive VC firms in the country are participating


These coveted VCs come to you, at one event, right here in Des Moines


Build relationships with your peers in the startup world


We will build a schedule of one-on-one meetings with potential investors in your business

This isn’t speed dating, we want both parties to get to know each other. Think of this as an accelerated accelerator for startups. So grab your pitch deck, apply for Monetery’s One-on-Ones and get ready to share your vision with a few of the people who can help you make it happen.

Interested in applying? Please do, we look forward to hearing from you.


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