1. Labels – Cut down development time with the ability to designate a subset of a Verified Customer Record’s (VCR) balance.

With every Verified Customer, a balance funding source is created. Previously with the Dwolla API, there was no way to divide the balance into a “sub-balance.” Therefore, our API clients looking for this functionality have needed to create their own “sub-balance”, as well as their own ledgers to track funds assigned to each. Now, the ability to create a Label is built into the API.

To learn more about Labels and how to use them, take a look at our blog post or check out our developer docs. We’d love some upvotes on Product Hunt as well!

2. Each month our engineering team produces technical content for the engineering community. This content ranges from product updates to infrastructure improvements Dwolla has made with tips for how others can implement them within their own organizations.

  • Principal Software Engineer at Dwolla, Rocky Warren, developed a new infrastructure for how we send our Clients webhook notifications. Read his blog and watch him present on lessons learned using a serverless architecture.
  • A look at how Dwolla switched from Webpack to Parcel for bundling the dev portal’s assets. Read more here.
  • One of our newest features that developers can utilize is something called the Trace ID. With every transfer utilizing the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, there is a unique reference number called a trace number, which we at Dwolla call a Trace ID. Catch more on how to utilize the Trace ID in our blog post here.

At Dwolla, we have a constant stream of in-flight discovery work being done by our UX team. We’re excited to launch a few of those in n the near future, and look forward to sharing our ideas with Dwolla’s customers that are a part of our Customer Feedback Program.

  1. During recent Customer Feedback sessions, a few Dwolla customers asked for the ability to view various states of webhooks in their Dashboard, and we’re actively working on it.
  2. On May 21st and 22nd, Dwolla hosted Monetery, an event to grow an inclusive technology ecosystem in the Midwest. One of our favorite parts? We had Clients attend and had the opportunity for members of Dwolla’s Product, Customer Success and Engineering teams to get face-to-face time to collaborate on how we can best help grow their business.

3. Dwolla Platform Update 

  • Dwolla systems continue to maintain excellent uptime in May, exceeding our uptime commitment of 99.9% uptime.

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