Key Updates:

Real-Time Payments – Now at Dwolla

The future of payments is accessible, real-time, and available with Dwolla. Real-time payments combine the finality of cash payments with modern technology. Funds sent via the RTP® Network are available to the recipient within seconds, and with Dwolla, real-time payments are available from your application 24/7 365.

Please contact us today to learn how RTP can transform your business.

New Drop-in Component

Beneficial Ownership Drop-in Component User Interface

The team is continuing to develop a series of Drop-in Components that will allow developers to integrate both back end and front end functionality into their applications. Our latest release is the Beneficial Owners component.

This component will include everything needed to complete a Business Verified Customer’s onboarding by adding and verifying Beneficial Owners:

  • Create a Beneficial Owner
  • Delete a Beneficial Owner
  • Handle `incomplete` status
  • Handle `document` status
  • Certify Beneficial Ownership

Check out our developer documentation for more information!

Bug Fix – Loan Accounts In Sandbox

Dwolla fixed a bug in the sandbox where loan accounts were not being created correctly. To learn more about loan accounts, check out our documentation here.


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