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Key Updates:

1. New Customer Verification Notifications

When new customers use your application, their first experience is onboarding and identity verification. Dwolla takes verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) practices very seriously. That’s why we help our clients identify their customer’s identity, allowing account creation 24/7. Dwolla’s clients will now receive an update via webhook when their customer’s document changes status, decreasing time to onboard. 

2. Same-Day ACH Increase 

At Dwolla we are always evolving our platform. We are pleased to announce that we support Nacha’s update to the Same Day ACH limits–increased from $25k to $100k per transaction. Utilizing our “next-available” clearing via the API allows you to now send transfers up to $100k. Clients can contact their Account Manager to access this functionality or learn more about the update in the blog

3. Updates to ACH Return Codes

What makes us different from other ACH payment providers is how we create transparency in the payments experience. The Dwolla platform handles ACH returns by automating the processing, notification and corrections. This resource explains the updates Nacha recently made to several return codes.


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