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We’re excited to introduce an additional graph to the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin, tracking how much money is moving across your platform. You can now view the transaction volume between two users or accounts within your white label integration.

This is exceptionally useful information for peer-to-peer payments applications or financial savings platforms using the Dwolla API to facilitate transactions between customers or accounts. For example, if you are a savings platform, you can see the volume of transactions in and out of various savings accounts. If your product requires transactions to and from users, but not always in and out of bank accounts, this graph will provide an insightful representation of that activity.


When we launched our new Dwolla Dashboard and Admin, we knew there would be fist pumps of joy on the outset. And there were—customers rejoiced. Easily track and manage customers and transactions all in a beautiful dashboard, what’s not to love?!

graphs-dwolla-dashboard-and-admin-ach-trackingHowever, we also knew that the dashboard brought an entirely new opportunity—an opportunity to listen to feedback of those rejoicing customers and make iterations of improvements based on that feedback.

That’s exactly what we’re doing and plan to continue doing. Listen and iterate. Exhibit A: the new customer-to-customer transaction graph above.

We’re listening to feedback

As more customers get acquainted with our Dwolla Dashboard and Admin, we plan to listen to their feedback and continually introduce new, valuable improvements. We will continue to develop a dashboard that answers transaction questions, while delivering the best possible business insights.

If you want more information on the Dashboard and Admin or want to get started with an ACH transfer API, please reach out.

Product Update: We’ve added multi-user functionality to the Dashboard.

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