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Business 101: it’s more efficient to retain a customer than to work to earn a new one. Give them a seamless payments experience, so they’re excited to stay.

API for Subscription Payments

Subscription services are becoming the norm. You pay for your music, office tools, movies, clothes, and even food and wine on a monthly basis. Providing subscription services is a wonderful business model—building a loyal and active customer base with each new shipment, feature or content that you release.

For the customer, subscriptions can provide a sense of delight. Every month there’s something new to look forward to—or even better, you’ve come to depend on. Take Netflix—can you imagine a month in which you’d be forced to halt your binge-watching of Peaky Blinders, Parks and Rec, and Orange is the New Black?

After you’ve acquired some loyal customers, providing a seamless recurring payment experience is one of the most important things you can do for your subscription services business. You want customers to enter their payment information one time, and not require them to continue to update or re-enter it every month.

This is where Dwolla comes in. With our scheduled payments API, you can set up bank-sourced payments for a time and date in the future. The OAuth scope, Scheduled, allows your users to give your application permission to create, edit, and delete scheduled payments on their behalf.


Being able to set up a subscription payment with a bank account allows customers to skip the hassle of updating financial information every time a credit card expires or has to be replaced—and helps avoid the pain of having your HBO Go account cancelled when you’re in the middle of a Game of Thrones marathon (yeah, we watch a lot of TV).

What’s more, Dwolla takes security seriously. By utilizing tokenization, we’re able to replace high-value transaction data with a time-based, tokenized message.

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