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The 2017 Lendit Conference is March 6th – 7th, just days away! Dwolla, along with about 2,400 other companies, will be in attendance, and we look forward to immersing ourselves in all things fintech and lending.

Leaders in every industry have been discovering just how APIs can be integrated into new or existing platforms to reduce infrastructure costs, offer new features, or provide an overall better customer experience. Fintech applications themselves have been pairing multiple APIs together to stitch traditional and innovative processes together, offering something new and different that distinguishes them from their competitors.

The lending industry has been ripe with disruption in the past couple of years, making space for growth and new opportunities for entrepreneurs. We’re thrilled to continue tracking the progress of fintech APIs, and in what ways they can be leveraged as tools to unlock data, insights, and functionality in a secure but revolutionary way.

Why are we going?

Dwolla is heading to Lendit to connect and share with other companies enabling new financial technologies. We’re excited to hear what others are building, while also sharing exciting innovations and applications for Dwolla, and how it’s already being leveraged within existing lending platforms like Patch of Land, Wunder, and EQUITYMULTIPLE.

Read the Patch of Land case study

Dwolla on Lendit Panel

Our CEO, Ben Milne, will be participating in a roundtable discussion on Monday at 2:40pm ET at Lendit.

Roundtable Discussion: Using Service Providers to Improve Technology Efficiency


Chris Leyva, Infinity Lending Systems

Tom Carter, Think Finance

Todd Yancey, IRA Services

Sarah Clark, Mitek

Ben Milne, Dwolla

Heading to Lendit but never heard of Dwolla? We’ve spent years building a truly ACH-optimized API that allows businesses and developers to connect their platforms to the U.S. banking system. Dwolla wraps the complexities of traditional ACH into a well-documented and easy to integrate API that platforms can embed within their own platforms to facilitate things like customer creation, bank account verification, and ACH transfers. Our API makes it simple to build things like facilitator fees on top of the transfers you facilitate to incorporate a new revenue source, or leverage new released functionality like Same Day ACH payouts.

Read some of our relevant case studies for more information on how lending platforms have been utilizing our API within their own software stack:

EQUITYMULTIPLE: Connecting accredited investors with pre-vetted, high-yield commercial real estate investments
Wunder: Connecting individual, institutional and corporate investors with solar projects
Patch of Land: Real estate crowdfunding residential and commercial debt through peer to peer crowdlending

Love Dwolla, but not sure what Lendit is? The Lendit Conference pulls together professions in various industries to honor and recognize innovation, emerging talent, and top performers in lending and fintech.

Are you planning to attend the Lendit Conference? Let us know! Tweet us at @Dwolla and mention Lendit 2017, or shoot us a note.

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