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We’re excited to share that Kill Bill, the open-source subscription billing and payments platform has integrated Dwolla into their API offering. Now, Dwolla’s API and co-branded products are supported as payments options by Kill Bill.

What is Kill Bill?

Kill Bill is a completely open-sourced platform helping businesses grow and scale their subscription-payments infrastructure. Through analytics and financial reporting, Kill Bill helps you ensure your integration remains compliant—your company owns the most precious data, with Kill Bill’s open architecture at your back. subscription billing api
Kill Bill’s stack has been integrated by companies—like Groupon—to help them create the best payment infrastructure possible. Get functionality like creating and canceling subscriptions, updating subscription plans, or optimizing payments to maximize your acceptance rates.

If you’re in need of subscription billing or payment services, but don’t have the resources to build a solution from scratch and the SaaS options aren’t accommodating your requirements, Kill Bill is an ideal in-between. Use what they’ve learned and open-sourced to serve your needs.

How has Kill Bill integrated Dwolla?

As part of their OSS solution, Kill Bill has integrated Dwolla to provide the best bank transfer experience. Now, the functionality customers love with Dwolla’s payment API is available as part of the Kill Bill platform.

Integrate the ability to create customers, verify funding sources, and initiate transfers via Dwolla. Use the other elements offered by Kill Bill’s open API to get the subscription functionality you crave—like canceling subscriptions, etc.

subscription billing apiFor recurring payments, like subscriptions, it makes good sense for Kill Bill merchants to integrate Dwolla. When you’re dealing in month-over-month transactions, you don’t want to risk a lost subscriber due to credit card expiration, etc. Dwolla allows for payments from bank accounts, where account and routing numbers seldom—if ever—expire.

Better yet, Dwolla’s Dashboard and Admin allows customers to easily track transaction volume and customers so they can keep a close eye on how their business is performing and optimize efficiency.

Why is this cool?

We love open source API projects, and here at Dwolla we regularly contribute to that movement. By keeping our API documentation up-to-date and un-gated, it encourages others to integrate and contribute to projects—like Kill Bill has.

Why should you start from scratch with a project or idea when there is so much open-source documentation out there already? Kill Bill, together with Dwolla, can save you time and money. You’re not starting from scratch on your subscription billing needs, but you’re not stuck with a one-size-fits-all SaaS either.

At Dwolla, our specialty is helping you build your payments infrastructure, so you can move money from point A to point B. And now, Kill Bill is your go-to for building out the details of subscription billing management, right alongside Dwolla. 

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