Key Updates:

1. Suspend a Customer in the Dashboard

As a way of addressing potentially fraudulent behavior, you can now suspend a customer directly from the dashboard. Suspending a customer from the dashboard will work the same as an API call and cancel any pending transactions from that specific customer.

Suspend Customer in Dashboard Graphic

2. Updated Dwolla Developer Portal

Being able to effectively speak to a wide variety of user personas at different stages of their API integration is indeed an incredible challenge, but also where a developer portal derives its value. For this reason, the Dwolla team has worked on improving the user experience of the dev portal. With updated organization and refined navigation, being able to discover, onboard, and integrate with the Dwolla API is now easier than ever thanks to this new resource.

Developer Portal Graphic

3. Release of Partner Portal

The Dwolla Partner Portal is a dedicated portal for current and prospective partners to manage their integration process in a consolidated location. From testing in the sandbox to managing your application in production, this new portal experience gives integrated partners clearer insights and better control of their integration.

Getting started is easier than ever. If you are interested in a partnership with Dwolla and providing an integrated solution to Dwolla’s clients, simply navigate to, create a Partner Account and begin developing an integration with the Dwolla Platform.

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