Key Updates:

1) New API Account Type: Loan Account

  • Many Dwolla clients have use cases where Customers may need to move money from one bank account to a loan account for the purpose of loan payoffs. Now, in the Dwolla API, you can add a loan account funding source. This funding source can also be assigned on transactions for Loan Account Credits. To learn more about this feature, please contact sales.

2) SDK Updates

  • Supports Token Management: dwolla-v2-node (v3.0+) – Access Tokens expire after 60 minutes, requiring developers to retrieve a new token when their current token expires. dwolla-v2-node (v3.0+) introduces new request methods on the client object itself that take care of managing tokens for you. Check it out!
  • Beta Release: Kotlin/Java SDK – Our Kotlin/Java SDK is now in beta. We’ve added some higher-level methods in addition to the lower-level GET, POST and DELETE methods found in our existing SDKs. These methods perform common tasks like fetching resources upon creation and bake-in best practices like idempotency keys. Most importantly, their type signatures specify the parameters required for each request. Check it out!

3) Platform Feature Highlight: Correlation ID

  • The Correlation ID provides a useful way to ensure your application database is in sync with actions done with the Dwolla API. The Correlation ID helps improve the traceability of a transaction, between two systems; it allows you to create an ID and use that ID from the point of origin on, instead of waiting for a response from Dwolla to then get an ID. Check out our Developer Forum post to learn more.

Tech Topics:

  • Protecting Stored User Passwords – Highlights top methods for password hashing
  • Implementing a CMS in 3 Days – Highlights pros / cons of using Netlify CMS
  • Caching with CloudFlare Workers – Highlights platform improvements with Cloudflare Workers

Platform Reinforcements:

  1. Dwolla systems continue to maintain excellent uptime in June, exceeding our uptime commitment of 99.9% uptime.
  2. We are actively working on making an update for customers moving funds between two accounts that are owned by the same individual, typically referred to as a Me-to-Me funds flow. Currently, two API calls would be required for that to work. With this new update, the same functionality can be performed with only one API call. Stay tuned for more details.

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