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Expanded Transfer Details in Dashboard

Transfer Details in Dashboard

For clients looking for more information on transactions that go through their application, the Dwolla Dashboard has an update for users when clicking into an individual transfer.

Previously, the dashboard only displayed fields such as the sending and receiving parties, amount and status.

New information to the transfer detail flyout includes:

  • Display of expedited clearing information.
  • Display of CorrelationId.
  • Display of IndividualACHId.
  • More contextual information on failed transfers.
  • Links to each Customer record involved in the transfer.

These improvements ensure that more information is at your fingertips and less work is needed from your engineering teams to retrieve this information.

Check out the updates in the dashboard today by clicking into an individual transfer.

New Bank Account Verification Options

The Secure Exchange solution, available now for bank account verification to Dwolla clients, offers an array of benefits including more flexibility and greater convenience while still emphasizing data protection.

This solution facilitates account verification connections with Finicity, a secure way for customers to verify bank account ownership with tokens, with plans to continue to expand to more account verification and data aggregation partners. Users verify their accounts in seconds by simply inputting their banking credentials in Finicity’s front-end module.

To get started, reach out to your account manager!

Product Update: Instant Account Verification Sunset

At the end of this year, Dwolla will sunset our Instant Account Verification (IAV) product, which is powered by Dwolla.js.

To avoid service disruption, we recommend businesses currently using or planning to use our IAV service to migrate their account verification to one of our third-party data providers (e.g. Plaid, Finicity) before December 31, 2022.

Through the remainder of 2022, businesses using the IAV solution should prepare to carry out micro-deposits for account verification in the instance that a bank discontinues support for the current IAV technology.

Dwolla is continually assessing opportunities around bank account verification and other open banking services.


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