Real-Time Payment Enhancements

Dwolla’s mass payment feature enables clients to send up to 5,000 ACH or real-time payments with 1 API call. Now, mass payment requests can include real-time payments and applicable remittance data as a way of tying an individual transaction to the goods or services transferred. 

Access the RTP® Network through a single Dwolla integration. Initiate an RTP® credit transfer here.

Accessible Operational Notifications

Dwolla has updated Operational Notifications to better align with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. These updates include better text contrast with background colors and better support for screen readers.

Dwolla’s Operational Notification functionality sends email notifications when specific events or actions occur within the Dwolla Network. When an event occurs it triggers an email to the email address tied to the account. 

For a list of operational notification events, click here.

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