Key Updates:

1) Webhooks in the Dwolla Dashboard

Webhooks and webhook subscriptions are now viewable within the Dwolla Dashboard. This functionality makes it easier for your developers to get information about their webhook subscriptions and view webhooks at a glance without having to build out a custom webhook management solution.

With this new functionality, you can now

  • View webhook subscriptions and statuses
  • Unpause a webhook subscription
  • View individual webhook statuses (in development)
  • Retry an individual webhook (in development)

To get started, navigate to the applications tab in the dashboard.

2) Balance Statements 

Monthly statements can be created and exported directly from the Dwolla Dashboard. Monthly reports on transfers sent to or from your master Dwolla account (transactions that pass through your master balance) are generated from Dwolla and can be exported as .csv or .pdf.

Dwolla will notify you via webhook when a monthly statement has been created.

Download statements by going to the Downloads tab in the Dwolla Dashboard

3) Me to Me Payment Flow: API Update

Previously, when Clients leveraged the Dwolla API for a Me to Me payment flow (e.g. creating a savings app), two transfers would need to be created.

  • Transfer from a Customer’s bank to their Balance
  • Transfer out of the Balance to their Destination bank

Our team has now made it easier for developers to manage the Me to Me funds flow by allowing developers to specify the two banks they want to send funds from and where the funds are going to in a single API call.

Check out our developer docs to learn more.

Tech Topics:

  • Jumpstart your API Onboarding using Postman – A blog that explains how Postman is the perfect tool for quickly testing any API, and continues to be developers’ go-to for sending and inspecting calls to the Dwolla API.
  • Dwolla Automation Koala – This blog explains how the Dwolla Koala bot creates efficiency for our engineers.

Platform Reinforcements:

Dwolla systems continue to maintain excellent uptime in July, exceeding our commitment of 99.9% uptime.

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