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*New* Drop-In Components

Drop-in Components Featured Image

Dwolla continues to release a series of pre-built, low-code tools that can save development time, reduce hundreds of lines of code and get you in production sooner with Dwolla’s payment platform.

As with our initial release in 2020, these new components continue to support a low-code payment integration and allowing Dwolla to directly collect sensitive data.

By adding just a few lines of code, a customizable front-end modal will be displayed to your user and will facilitate calls to Dwolla’s API on the backend. This modal can be customized to match your native UX, allowing you to maintain consistency with your branding. Additionally, any sensitive user information is sent to Dwolla directly. Whether you are quickly testing basic API calls or pushing for production use, our drop-in components allow you to rapidly implement payment functionality into an application or website.

Building upon the five components released in December, we have added two more that are available for immediate use:

Check out our developer documentation for more information on how to integrate these components into your application!

Have an idea for what our next drop-in component should be? Reach out, let us know!

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