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Key Updates:

1. Demo Dwolla’s Payment API Today

An interactive demo application is now available. This is a self-guided demo that walks you through our supported payment flows, real-time API responses and available integrations and partners. Check it the demo.

2. Feature Replay: Labels

A while back we noticed Clients were creating multiple accounts for their users for some pretty unique reasons. We learned this was a workaround to portion off their Dwolla Balance.

We knew there had to be a better way. Thus Labels were born. Think of Labels as digital organizers. Behind every Label is an actual dollar held at a regulated financial institution in the name of the customer account. With each customer VCR on your application, you can create any number of Labels to keep track of different balances in your application.

Visit our developer resources to get started with Labels today.

Tech Topics: 

1. SDK Updates

Our Kotlin/Java SDK (v0.1.1) is now available. All lower-level GET, POST and DELETE methods needed to use the Dwolla API are supported in the SDK. A subset of higher-level methods are also available which make forming requests easier by embedding information like endpoints, request parameters and response parameters into the SDK, which you would otherwise have to refer to our API docs for. Token management is also supported which allows you to set up a Dwolla client once using your app credentials without having to worry about retrieving new tokens every 60 minutes when they expire. Check it out!

2. Automating Mass Payments in the API

With Mass Payments in the Dwolla API, you can automate payouts by going electronic and send funds to 5,000 different bank accounts with one API call, while incurring just one ACH debit.


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