Dwolla is proud to call itself one of Iowa’s top workplaces in 2021! This award is based on a survey of employees that was released by The Des Moines Register and Workplace Dynamics.

Top Workplaces are categorized by number of employees in Iowa and chosen based on employee feedback. The process is based on a scientific survey of employees who rate their workplace culture and share insights into what makes them unique. 

The employee survey is 24 questions on characteristics relating to workplace culture. Topics include company values, confidence in leadership, employee engagement and career progression along with basics such as pay, flexibility and training. Employers that participated and scored high enough are recognized as a top workplace. 

“The strength of Dwolla is most definitely the people,” says Dwolla CEO Brady Harris. “Being named a top workplace confirms what we all internally already knew—that we’re part of something special here. You don’t feel like you have to go to work at Dwolla. We get to work, and we get to work with really great people.”

What Makes A Top Workplace?

The timing could not have been better to announce Dwolla as a top workplace in Iowa. We’re actively hiring for nearly 20 positions. And while we’ve always believed our culture is that of a top workplace, earning this distinction directly from those on staff validates the culture our current team—and past team members—have created. 

Since becoming a remote-first company, we formed a Culture Committee with members from across the organization to constantly monitor the pulse of the organization. This group works cross-functionally to collect feedback from every department and helps generate ideas for culture building. This could be anything from creating ‘no-meeting’ days for deeper work time, improving team members’ onboarding experiences and team outings to acknowledging the hard work of individuals through different channels. 

Dwolla’s culture continues to be top-of-mind, even being remote-first.

What makes Dwolla’s culture so special? 


Dwolla creates an environment for employees to balance “all the things.”  Each employee has a different way they work. Remote work has always been an option at Dwolla and since the pandemic began, we became a remote-first company headquartered in Iowa, with a set of diverse team members across the country.

We’ve found that employees appreciate the flexibility and are trusted to still be highly productive. Our ability to support different lifestyles has given us access to a wider pool of diverse thinkers to help us “challenge the status quo.”

Laid Back & Fast Paced 

We’re an agile company, moving quickly to continue innovating on an already world-class tech stack. We have integrations with several forward-thinking financial institutions to help us offer faster payments, our partnership ecosystem is filled with incredibly innovative companies and we were just named one of the fastest growing companies in the country. 

A normal day at Dwolla will have you join a meeting with a laid back vibe where the topic of conversation is changing the entire payments industry! 


Our total compensation package at Dwolla is competitive with any remote-first company in Iowa, or even the midwest. The unlimited PTO benefit was seen as innovative when we first offered it, but that’s just a glimpse into Dwolla’s culture. 

Take the time you need to bring your best self to work. We’re changing the status quo, which is hard to do when your mind is elsewhere. The unlimited PTO policy was designed to give team members the option to take two hours, a day or a week in the mountains to unplug. Your choice. As a way of making sure our employees do unplug, each quarter, every team member must take five days of PTO. And once every year, five of those days must be consecutive. 

We live our values at Dwolla—and even provide a free Headspace membership to all employees! In addition to other awesome, practical benefits like 12 weeks of parental leave, stock options and a 401K with a company match. 

We’re Hiring

When you’re asked to get on a rocketship, you don’t ask questions. You just do it. 

Dwolla’s recent recognition as a top workplace is just a glimpse into the innovative minds for the product and the culture at the organization. 

Several positions are open across all departments and more will continue to be posted. Our recent funding announcement explains our commitment to accelerating our growth and we’re looking for talented and hungry individuals to help.

“I joined Dwolla not just because of the problem we’re solving, but because of the team I met during the interview process,” says Dave Glaser, Dwolla’s President and COO. “Some of the most talented people in the country are Dwolla team members. Even being a remote-first company, the energy you feel on a daily basis is invigorating. Something special is being built here.”

The opportunity to be part of something great doesn’t happen everyday—don’t wait for the opportunity to present itself. 

If you would be excited to join a passionate, innovative team and don’t see a position posted that fits your skill set, we’d love to hear from you. Submit your application and we’ll reach out when we’ve got something of close match.

We are incredibly proud of what this team has built so far and excited for what’s to come–being named a Top Workplace in Iowa is just a chapter in Dwolla’s story.

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