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At Dwolla, we believe that Money Equals Data. As we’ve worked to iterate on our payment API, we understand now more than ever that payment data is integral to the operation of a business. We’ve enhanced reporting in our clients’ dashboard terminal, we’ve built support for additional ACH file types and we’re constantly striving to ensure we can provide our clients with the information they need when it comes to their business payments. 

Our product supports businesses doing innovative things in many industries—revolutionizing the way contracted healthcare professionals are paid, allowing non-accredited investors access to micro-shares of luxury vehicles, increasing efficiency in the antiquated cargo industry, to name a few. Through working closely with our clients to understand their businesses, we’ve discovered that many clients utilize additional tools to complement and enhance their and their end users’ experiences.

We believe in supporting our clients. While our growing team is full of ACH experts that can help our clients with troubleshooting, predictability and ACH questions, we acknowledge that we aren’t the experts in *every* facet of a business. This is a good thing. Even the most gifted can only master one or two areas. While we are focusing on being the best we can be in the ACH space, we want to gain partnerships with expert tools in other areas. Our clients may require those additional tools and services for their anticipated growth—international payments capabilities, enhanced fraud monitoring and supplemental identity verification, to name a few—and we know we cannot possibly provide all the services our clients may need in the future. 

Because of this desire to support our clients in any way we can, Dwolla launched its Partner Ecosystem earlier this year. The idea behind the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem is to be able to provide our clients the tools and services they need, while at the same time partnering with top-tier organizations to bring them qualified opportunities. We believe in playing well with others in our space, and even more so, we believe we’re better together.

We understand partnerships can elicit more meaningful connections when technology is part of the solution. We acted on that understanding, and we’re excited to announce Partner Integrations.

Our Partner Integrations product allows our clients to easily access a wide variety of solutions provided by Dwolla’s partners.

Why are we doing this? First, providing technical connections between Dwolla’s payments API and other service providers allows our clients to easily manage vendor relationships. Second, when our clients are in need of a service provider to accelerate their growth, we have a short list of best-in-class vendors from which they can choose.

Everything our clients need, only when they need it.

To enable an integration, a Dwolla client can visit their Dwolla Dashboard to view all currently available integrations. Clients can view the permissions a Partner Integration would need on the client’s account in order to do things like read transaction history, view customers or send transfers on the client’s behalf. Once a client selects an integration, they will begin an authorization flow that will take them to the partner’s site, and then back to Dwolla to authorize the integration to their Dwolla account. After authorizing the integration, data will begin to flow between Dwolla and the integration, and clients can begin to use the integration as designed. This may mean seeing transaction events as Slack messages, having transaction data sent to Quickbooks or being able to offer customers a debit card tied to their balance. The possibilities are endless and the value to clients and partners is limitless.

OAuth Flow

We put the power of Partner Integrations into our clients’ hands; clients can audit the permissions granted to integrations and remove access to their account’s data at any time. The permissions that our clients can grant to partners is extremely fine-grained; partners will receive a token for the Dwolla API that allows them to only perform the actions they have been explicitly granted by the client. For partners, this means they don’t have to worry about having access to data or actions they don’t need, and they can focus on enhancing their solutions by utilizing the power of the Dwolla API.

In order to offer the best integration possible while monitoring access to our clients’ data, Partner Integrations can be broken down into three tiers:

Read – With Read, Integration Partners can view specific data from a client’s Dwolla application in order to provide relevant information to the client

Ex: A client authenticates a Slack integration to receive push notifications on failed payments in their accounting team’s Slack channel.

Read | Partnership Ecosystem

Read + Write – Along with permissions in Read, Read + Write allows Integration Partners the ability to update a resource under the client’s Dwolla application

Ex: A client authenticates a Plaid integration and Plaid can mark a bank account as verified under the client’s Dwolla application.

Read and Write | Partnership Ecosystem

Read, Write + Transact – Along with permissions in the other tiers, Read, Write + Transact allows Integration Partners the ability to initiate transactions under the client’s Dwolla application

Ex: A client authenticates an Apto integration and Apto can initiate a transfer from an end user to load the balance of a branded card under the client’s Dwolla application.

Transact | Partnership Ecosystem

We have a growing list of partner integrations that includes Sift, Slack and QuickBooks. Interested in becoming a Partner? Reach out here.

Partner Integrations are about the sharing of ideas. By connecting our partners and clients, we are not only solving immediate business problems, we are fostering an environment where technology and good ideas can build off each other. We look forward to discovering new and exciting ways to continue to connect the two in the future. We’re better together.

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