Monetery is an event about building value. That could mean a lot of things, and we’re hopeful it brings out a number of different opinions.

I tell founders everyday you can build in Des Moines, Iowa, and anywhere else. The Dwolla team knows it (both the west coast and the midwest team members), and so do some of the world’s best minds. When we started discussing how to relaunch events at Dwolla, the thing that kept coming up was the idea of value and building communities that embrace it.

We decided to ask some of our friends if they’d be willing to come talk about it. We’re thrilled at who responded, and we hope that you’ll join us on March 20.

We’ve assembled a diverse set of investors to talk to the community. The reason we’ve focused so heavily on investors is that it’s clear that the midwest has some really meaningful divides between Seed to IPO support. While it’s been done, it’s incredibly rare.

As various midwest ecosystems are getting built, we are excited to hear from people who have built strong ecosystems in their city in the past, or are currently doing so.

We’re fortunate that a wonderful group of people have agreed to come to Des Moines and speak at Monetery.

We’ll also be joined by some tremendous moderators.

The discussion could lead us a lot of places, and we’re excited to see where exactly that is, with you. The structure is really to discuss company and community creation through idea, Seed, fundraising, IPO, and after. We’ve asked each panel to speak on a different phase of building based on its expertise and interest.

Our vision for Monetery, is to create an event that connects people who believe in creating value in the Midwest.

The event is limited to 200 people. You can attend for free or make a donation for preferred seating. All donations will be passed directly to Pi515. Pi515 is a 501(c)3 after-school class that educates Iowa’s underserved population – mainly refugees 7-12th grade students – on basic computer coding with an emphasis on tackling world problems.

Advocate and Supporter tickets are now available and very limited number of general seating opens on February 27.

Grab your tickets!


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