Dwolla’s vision is to support the value layer of the internet. Traditionally, we have looked at our vision as supporting the movement of money in the best way that we can—equipping our clients with efficient technology, backed by support from an invested team.

We realize that supporting the value layer of the internet goes beyond the scope of allowing our clients to move money in a reliable, secure fashion. It’s about providing access to the tools and services our clients need alongside payments in order to grow and scale their businesses. 

With that, we’re pleased to introduce Dwolla’s Partner Ecosystem.

Since going to market with our ACH-optimized API in 2015, we have experienced a significant level of interest in our product from savvy, forward-thinking start-ups, in addition to working with larger businesses that are looking to create a more efficient process for their payments. Many of these companies are at an early stage of their payments journey and need the right payments provider backing them from the start in order to allow for rapid and systematic expansion. 

We’re reaching a unique and exciting point where these companies that have trusted Dwolla to power their payments are turning into large operations—onboarding millions of end users and moving billions of dollars. We are thrilled to be a part of our clients’ growth, but with growth comes the need for additional services, and Dwolla is not naïve enough to think we can provide all of those services ourselves. 

Through attending industry events, having mutual clients, and the “small-world nature” of financial technology, Dwolla has always had esteemed relationships with and held high respect for many fellow technology service providers in the space. Now, we’re turning the relationships we’ve been building over the years into a program to benefit everyone involved.

By forming Dwolla’s Partner Ecosystem, we are providing more meaningful connections between our partners and our clients, who are actively asking to be connected with each other. We are excited to be partnering with sophisticated companies that offer services like foreign currency exchange, technical development resources, identity verification products, tax reporting and many more.

The potential variety of the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem is a mile wide and just as deep. Our clients are driving innovation in many industries—revolutionizing the way contracted healthcare professionals are paid, allowing non-accredited investors access to micro-shares of luxury vehicles, increasing efficiency in the antiquated cargo industry—which lays the groundwork for Dwolla to form partnerships in unique and some unexpected areas. 

We’re extremely passionate about finding the right partner for our clients’ needs.

When we have a client looking to expand internationally, for example, that client will require a service provider for moving money in the countries in which they are looking to expand. This prompts us to ask the right questions to match them with the right partner—to us, there is no such thing as “too many options.” As our client base continues to expand, our dedication to our client base must match that expansion. That’s what the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem is all about—anticipating our clients’ expansion so we’ll have the partner they need when they need it.  

Dwolla is excited to add to its existing portfolio of partners. Dwolla has had long-standing and fruitful partnerships with Plaid, allowing mutual clients to seamlessly add and verify bank accounts with a simple token exchange, and Sift, providing machine learning models to proactively prevent fraudulent behavior. We are also pleased to announce new partnerships with We Write Code, a software development firm, as well as Currencycloud and Transfermate, companies that are well-equipped to facilitate international transactions. These partnerships will allow our ecosystem to grow in the areas of identity verification, software development and international payment capabilities. Additionally, the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem provides our partners with easier access to a new segment of potential customers and benefits our clients with a better, more complete offering for their platform. 

To support the value layer of the internet, we must understand that that layer is not an inch deep. With the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, we are ready to serve our clients beyond what they expect, which is the goal of any service provider.  

Apply to be a member of Dwolla’s Partner Ecosystem here.