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New experience behaves like direct deposit: offers payers a paperless, safe, and “hands free” way to route payments directly to a recipient’s bank account.

Whether you’re using MassPay or sending individual payments, as of today, the process for new members to accept payments using Dwolla + ACH is even simpler.

What’s different?

First-time recipients are no longer required to register for a full Dwolla account. Instead, they’ll be prompted to set up a Direct account, which takes just three steps or 30 seconds (if you’re fast). All one needs to do to accept their first Dwolla payment is check their email, set a password, and enter bank account details.


Be sure to check out our full video walkthrough here.

Once a first payment is successfully claimed, all future payments made to this email address will be routed directly to the bank account in as little as one to two business days without requiring the recipient to take any further action.

What’s best? Dwolla Direct users can get access to additional features—like the ability to send or request money—at any time by converting to a free full Dwolla account.


For the sender

In addition to the myriad benefits of replacing paper check operations with a digital payments system (like reduced costs, lower risk of check fraud, fewer “lost” payments, etc.), here are a few ways that this new experience reinforces how Dwolla helps you:

Want to learn more about our Direct experience, our other tools, and how to increase conversion on your Dwolla payments? Join us January 8, 2015 from 1-2pm CT, for our next webinar covering Dwolla Direct accounts.

For the receiver


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