Rapid changes in technology are changing the way we do just about everything. It’s fundamentally changed how we think about major parts of our lives such as education, relationships, work and money. Here at Dwolla, we’re very dedicated to the improvements that financial technology can provide to daily life.

Since launching our payment API nearly four years ago, we’ve been reliably connecting businesses to the U.S. banking infrastructure to create a more efficient payment experience. Dwolla’s payment platform is helping innovative companies onboard millions of end users that move billions of dollars each year through the ACH Network. With our help, ACH payments have become an attractive alternative for businesses to automate the movement of money without the higher processing fees associated with credit cards and the manual tasks associated with checks.

As the ACH Network released regulations and new features to support faster payments, our platform adapted to support such updates like Same Day ACH and Next Day ACH transfer times. And most recently, increased transaction limits for Same Day ACH payments.

While these innovations have provided faster payments at an incredibly affordable cost, today companies continue to request additional processing options, including 24/7 availability.

Which is what makes today so exciting; I am pleased to announce we have launched an instant payout solution that allows Dwolla clients to make near real-time payouts to their end users.

Integrating Push-to-Debit

Credit card networks, such as Mastercard and Visa, are especially suited to support use cases where speed and availability of funds are paramount. In most cases, money transferred over the card rails is delivered in real-time and available to recipients 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With Dwolla’s Push-to-Debit offering complimenting the ACH product line, businesses can continue to customize a solution to best fit the needs of their business and users.

We’ve done the hard work of abstracting the card gateways so your business doesn’t have to. There’s no additional third party integration, no additional relationship to manage and most importantly—no need to store sensitive card data. Our tokenized push-to-debit solution reduces risk for businesses by preventing the need for them to store sensitive details such as card number. Enabling push-to-debit functionality is as simple as embedding a JavaScript iframe within your application. From there, your end users can bring their own debit card and start receiving funds. A business can create Receive Only users with simply a name and email address, then payout to the attached debit card—all directly from the Dwolla Dashboard using our reliable API.

Push-to-Debit Flow Graphic

Common Uses Cases Benefiting from Wider Accessibility

Some businesses require a payment integration that better supports the needs of their end users. With an estimated 55 million adults unbanked, Dwolla’s push-to-debit solution creates an opportunity for tremendous growth for clients and improved satisfaction for their end users.

  • Dual-Sided Marketplaces: Support for users’ expectations for how they want to buy, trade and sell goods or services.
  • Gig Economy Contractors: Simplify how workers receive funds by providing instant payouts.

While these are only a few of the different use cases for our new offering, we are so excited to provide businesses with multiple payment modalities to fit their needs and ultimately, those of their end users.

Payments that Work Overtime

Push-to-debit can offer incredible convenience to a business’ users (i.e. sellers, contractors, freelancers, etc.) with quick access to funds even on weekends or holidays. Customers can attach their own debit card—reducing an additional step of looking up sensitive bank account information such as routing and account numbers—all in a secure, PCI DSS-compliant environment that is wrapped in your native UI/UX. Once the end user has added their debit card, your business will have the flexibility to provide instant payouts with Dwolla’s reliable technology.

Additionally, clients are able to more effectively manage funds on their account with easy access to payment status changes, transfer details and process automation.

Whether your business is initiating an instant payout via debit card or an ACH payment via bank account, we have made sure to provide the same great feature support. That means being able to schedule and create MassPay jobs inclusive of card destinations via our API, set and charge fees for this feature and report on it via a generated monthly statement.

Easily manage your card transfers and ACH transfers directly in our dashboard.

With the addition of Push-to-Debit, Dwolla’s Platform can support your payout needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our expectations continue to be surpassed by the rate of growth in transactions and the onboarding of end users. Offering additional payment modalities to our clients to fuel that growth is incredibly exciting for Dwolla. It’s also humbling.

We’re the same Dwolla, only with more possibilities, stronger integrations and faster payments.

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