Security is a key piece of the Dwolla Platform. Our Information Security (InfoSec) team is proud of the sophisticated practices they employ to protect our data from potential adversaries.

Yet security work is never done.

Dwolla’s InfoSec team put together the following white paper to go into detail about the practices Dwolla uses to protect and store data. 

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The Thoughtful Approach to Dwolla’s InfoSec Philosophy

Dwolla’s mission is to build the ideal platform to move money. Doing so means living at the cutting edge of technology while maintaining vital security. This requires an iterative approach to managing risk that evolves alongside the technology, people and culture of Dwolla, our clients and our partners.

We focus on the protection of data and identities in everything we do. As a learning organization, we know that we are never done with security. We seek out new technologies, process improvements, risk management techniques and trusted partners (whether that be to offer services or assess our security program) to continue to improve.

Download the white paper to learn more about how Dwolla approaches:

  • Training Across the Organization
  • Cryptography and Data Protection
  • Endpoint Security
  • Monitoring
  • Border Protection
  • Vulnerability management

Download Dwolla’s Security White Paper


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