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This is a guest post authored by Tony Tran, CEO & Co-founder of Lumanu.

When it comes to near instantaneous payments—also known as real-time payments—for creators and freelancers, Lumanu is now the most inexpensive and easiest option thanks to Dwolla, our partner in making Real-Time Payments (RTP®) accessible for Lumanu users.

How We Are Revolutionizing Payments For Creators 

Lumanu’s mission is simple: We empower creators to do what lights them up. For too long, vaguely defined terms, payment obstacles and endless back and forth have distracted creators from doing what they do best–creating and influencing. That’s why we’ve created a platform where creators and freelancers can make money and build thriving businesses without the headaches of managing a business. 

With Lumanu, solopreneurs can seamlessly collaborate with brands and clients through our asset sharing platform Collabs. Send invoices for no fee (unlike competitors’ 2.9% fee) and receive instant payments on qualified invoices with our EarlyPay feature. 

Entering the Real-Time Payments Space

With the help of Dwolla, our entire payments solution now leverages the RTP® Network. Both creators and brands can take advantage of this tool to facilitate near instant payments to creator bank accounts. After a creator sends an invoice to a brand, they can get paid within seconds—rather than waiting for payment on an invoice cycle; and when a brand pays an invoice, Lumanu immediately releases funds that arrive in the creator’s bank account in minutes, rather than a standard, days-long, ACH transfer. Creators can easily send or receive payments online using Lumanu.

Thanks to Dwolla’s outstanding customer service, we were able to get up and running with the Real-Time Payment Technology in less than 3 business days.” – Tony Tran, CEO @ Lumanu

As a company that puts creators first in everything we do, we recognize the importance of creators getting paid quickly for the work they produce. With a standard invoice cycle of net-30, net-60 or even net-90 days for payment on creative work, creators are often left holding the bag–having to pay out-of-pocket for photographers, crew and travel expenses even though the content has already been delivered for a client’s use. 

That being said, the lag in time between content delivery and payout to the creator is not entirely the brand or client’s fault. 

Many bigger companies who work in the influencer payment space have a complex accounting system, and in turn, payments potentially have to go through weeks of bureaucratic cycles before getting approved and sent. 

With real-time payment capabilities, thanks to Dwolla’s digital payment services, we’re eliminating the struggles creators face when it comes to getting paid, so they can access funds faster and live life on their own terms.

Why We Partnered With Dwolla For Real-Time Payments 

With the help of Dwolla, there was no need for us to build a payment platform on our own in order to launch our full payments solution. The biggest draw for us was the security and the peace of mind that would come with knowing we’ve partnered with a payments company that takes data security as seriously as we do. Additionally the promise of near-instant payments, and in turn, better client <> creator relationships made choosing Dwolla for our payment technology a no brainer. 


Through Dwolla’s integration with Plaid, a bank account authenticator, users can securely connect a bank account without sacrificing their privacy. Unlike other fintech or payment systems that require users to enter routing information for their financial institution, Lumanu never accesses that data, ensuring an encrypted transaction from end-to-end. Because of the authentication process, Dwolla and Plaid make it a seamless user experience for creators to connect their bank account. 


Lumanu’s Payments is the only platform that allows creators to send invoices and accept payments online for free. Thanks to Dwolla’s Real-Time Payments technology, we can send payments to creators in real-time after they send an invoice or receive a payout from a brand—compared to other payment providers where it can take up to 3-4 business days via standard ACH. 

Lumanu’s platform powered by  Dwolla’s modern payment technology can help creators get paid in minutes. 

Collaborating For The Best Experiences 

Brands and creators have tons of options when it comes to choosing a payments platform that provides the best experience for sending and receiving payments. Supporting faster payments not only allows creators to have quicker access to their earnings, but also elevates the relationships brands have with creators. 

Lumanu is proud to be an alternative platform for influencer payments. We bring brands and creators together to provide technology that strengthens these relationships and puts more profits back into their pockets. 

We allow creators to get down to the business of doing what they love, because we know that’s when they produce their best work. With Dwolla’s help, we’re making the business of creation even more seamless—and helping the creators get paid in real time.



Lumanu simplifies how creators do business. Our tools for invoicing, payments, and collaborations streamline inconvenient tasks, freeing creators to do more of what they love. We support the entire spectrum of creators. By helping them manage operations, Lumanu empowers creators to live life on their own terms.

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