There are multiple challenges to using the ACH system. Anyone sending ACH transfers needs to find a bank to originate transactions through. To do so, you’ll need to understand Nacha origination requirements, and learn to manage ACH returns and corrections.

On top of all of that, you’ll need to ensure you use the proper formatting and manage fraud. There are other things to consider as well, such as file formatting and responsibly managing your data storage.

It takes a great deal of time and thoughtful engineering work to set up a technology to originate ACH transactions. We streamline this process and make it easy for any developer to get started leveraging the ACH system, quickly.

Make ACH Transfers Using Dwolla

Using the Dwolla API you can easily send money to a bank account. For example, to send money after you’ve created a user and added a funding source is as easy as designating the receiver in the API.

“accountNumber”: “073000228” ,
“routingNumber”: “1234567890123456” ,
“accountType”: “Checking” .
“name” : “Wells Fargo Business”

To get started with sending money with ACH in the API, check out our developer documentation.

By sending your customers to to make payments or by issuing payment requests on our website, they can quickly make bank funded payments and you’ll enjoy a zero fee per transaction.

Benefits of Using Dwolla for ACH Payments

We already have banks ready for you to use.

There are multiple ACH origination banks in the Dwolla platform that come with our services. This way, you don’t have to spend months negotiating a third-party ACH origination agreement and can get started quickly.

We handle file formatting.

If you’re worried about trying to figure out the difference between CCDPPD, or WEB formatting for your ACH file—we can help. We’ll take care of the formatting so you can concentrate on delighting your customers.

We help you manage returns and corrections.

We’ve automated ACH returns and corrections so that when a return or correction occurs we simply update you of the change.

Dwolla maintains ACH status webhooks.

If you’re using our ACH services, you benefit from real-time ACH transaction status updates just by listening to the webhook for changes.

0% per-transaction fees.

We offer ACH origination services for businesses and developers in the United States with no per transaction fee.

A proven ACH platform you can build on.

Billions of dollars have been transacted using our technology and our customers include everyone from publicly-traded companies to marketplaces, healthcare tech companies and more.

Branded ACH transfers.

If you’re using our platform, your company’s name will show up on your customer’s bank account statements due to the white-label nature of our platform.


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