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For a helpful how-to guide on fulfilling a payment request within your Dwolla Account, review this help section article.

Integrating Dwolla to enable the fulfillment of payment requests is simple. With the API, you can integrate the ability to credit or debit any bank account using the ACH network.

Further, the API is white-labeled by design, which means the payment requests “look and feel” like your platform’s brand. Your users aren’t stuck interacting with some third-party provider’s clunky interface.

Step 1

Since Dwolla acts as an “on-ramp” to the ACH network, the first step in considering whether to use the API for your payment request fulfillment is to understand the ACH network more completely.

A few quality resources for understanding the ACH network can be found here:

Step 2

Once you familiarize yourself with the ACH network a bit more, the second step is to map your payments flow and determine at which points it makes sense to use ACH.

To clarify, mapping your funds flow is different than mapping out your cash flow. Mapping out your flow of funds involves taking a technical look at your product, how money moves and how you’d like it to move (whereas mapping out your cash flow looks at profit and loss statements, etc.).

In this second step, when mapping your funds flow, you’ll want to understand the different points at which money will need to move or be at rest. Here’s a generic example for you to consider.

Step 3

Once you’ve mapped out your funds flow, the third step is to consider where ACH makes sense. In some cases, for example, at a shopping cart check-out, credit cards may make more sense for your business. However, in other instances, ACH payments may be more user-friendly and efficient for your business.

At Dwolla, our team of integration experts can help you in perfecting your funds flow and understanding where ACH makes smart business sense. Once you’ve determined the best flow of funds and process for your product, the API is ready and waiting for you!

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Financial institutions play an important role in the Dwolla network.

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