Technology is evolving every process, so naturally, automating your accounts payable is a process that deserves an evolution. You can’t afford the time or money it requires to maintain archaic systems that have been in place for years.

A study of 800+ companies found that most finance teams are spending ½ their time waiting on transactions, combined with the additional support of maintaining these processes and reporting.

Stop losing resources to inefficient processes, get up to speed and automate your accounts payable with an ACH API. (Hey marketplaces, we especially think you need to automate this payouts process).

A payments API can be integrated to fit your unique businesses needs. From creating the customers and connecting their bank accounts, to delivering and tracking the payments, Dwolla’s API can help you out.

The Business Perspective

From an accounts payable aspect, the ability to utilize mass payments functionality is enticing—either within the API or using a manual .csv upload.

Rather than cutting hundreds to thousands of checks or manually initiating a transfer, your developers can use an API to automate this process for the finance team. In one example, integrating our MassPay API reduced payouts processing costs by 31% in the first month.

Additionally, you’ll be able to integrate the functionality to not only send payouts, but initiate transfers to, from and even between users if desired.

These features can be baked into your accounts payable software, and play well with existing technology service providers you may have already integrated.

The Developer Perspective

Dwolla offers a thoughtfully-documented RESTful API, which has been integrated in as little as 10 business days.

Not too shabby.

In just a few endpoints, your developers will be able to create customers, link their financial institutions, and initiate payments, thus improving your accounts payable process and streamlining any other payments hiccups you face.

Not convinced?

Automating accounts payable can reduce the invoicing cycle. In addition to better funds management, you won’t need to staff additional people just for managing that old manual payments processes. Automation also means fewer errors due to human mis-types and mistakes.

Combined, these benefits can lead to an improved overall bottomline.

Automate accounts payable within your business today. All you have to do is shoot us a message, and we’ll get started on helping you find a payment solution that you and your customers will love.

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