New partnership lets customers pay themselves by transferring money to directly fund their gaming account.

Des Moines, IOWA — February 8, 2022 — Dwolla, a fintech providing sophisticated account-to-account payment solutions for innovative businesses, announced a partnership with Hedge Pay. Hedge Pay will enable users of popular gaming platforms to transfer round-ups on each transaction to fund gaming accounts.

Round-up transfers have become a popular feature for typical Millennial and Gen Z consumers, with some wanting to ease into a new platform with small deposits while others want to expand the amount of money put towards a product or service.

In a digital age, with operators competing for monthly engagement, round-ups make it possible for operators to consistently obtain users’ engagement on a daily basis with every transaction.

“Partnering with Dwolla is a momentous step for us that amplifies our mission to allow any consumer to connect their spare change round-ups to their favorite platforms across all industries,” said Jackson Fitzgerald, Co-founder of Hedge Pay. “We believe in the importance of strong partner connections that mutually benefit the companies and customers alike, and have definitely found that in our partnership with Dwolla. We’re looking forward to future product enhancements that will come from this collaboration.”

Hedge Pay will leverage Dwolla’s modern payment solution to enhance their product’s compatibility and provide greater ease of use for their customers. Pairing Dwolla’s account-to-account solution with Hedge Pay’s offerings will greatly enhance the overall product for the end users. By joining the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, Hedge Pay can add services to round-up deposit users in new distribution channels across different verticals including spaces like cryptocurrency exchanges and web3 investment platforms.

Dwolla and Hedge Pay both place a large emphasis on providing hands-on support throughout their integrations, modern security protocols and easily-configured API solutions. Both companies bring peak flexibility to customers looking for a round-up service provider.

“Being able to innovate in this space really highlights the advancements in technology that both Dwolla and Hedge Pay are working on,” says Brady Harris, Dwolla CEO. “As Dwolla continues to expand its partner ecosystem, working with Hedge Pay was a very exciting opportunity for us.”

This announcement launches Dwolla into another explosive year for the fintech industry after Dwolla’s 2021 announcements of a partnership with Infinicept, a $21 million fundraise to support product expansions and the launch of Real-Time Payments.

About Dwolla
Dwolla, Inc. is a fintech company powering innovations with sophisticated account-to-account payment solutions. Dwolla’s robust platform, low-code API and partnership ecosystem simplify the complex process of integrating with the various payment networks to create a single end-to-end solution. Integrating Dwolla’s modern payment technology gives a business the ability to program payments in real-time, on the same day or to a debit card 24/7. With minimal development, start-ups to Fortune 500 companies can gain efficiency, flexibility and improved cash flow by working with Dwolla.

About Hedge Pay
Hedge Pay’s mission is to make spare change exciting by allowing any consumer-facing business access to their users’ round-ups through one seamless integration. For businesses, end-users are now able to engage with their platform with every swipe of the card. This feature appeals to the millions of younger/fintech savvy individuals, while simultaneously helping businesses by boosting retention. End-users (consumers) now have an innovative payment method where they can allocate their leftover pennies towards their favorite platform. Hedge Pay is the future of spare change payments.


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