This is a guest post from Anand Bala, Head of Marketing at Glean AI

Despite today’s digital-first world, accounts payable is still considered a traditional and transactional back-office function with the majority of invoices being processed manually and by check.

A 2020 Goldman Sachs report found the net result of new bill payment platforms will contribute $1.5 trillion in productivity for global small business, while creating a $1 trillion revenue opportunity for those same bill payment service providers.

Enter Glean AI.

Glean AI is a bill payment platform helping businesses dig into their invoice spend and analyze potentially wasteful items among their software solutions.

As an intelligent bill payment solution, businesses will use Glean AI to automate the accounts payable process—with Dwolla’s account-to-account payment solution initiating the transactions to transfer funds between bank accounts. With access to Next Day ACH transfers through Dwolla, Glean gives their customers greater control over transaction timing with their bill pay processes.

The Glean platform onboards, schedules, tracks and gains approvals before processing vendor payments. Machine learning analyzes deal terms, line item data and redundant offerings to identify negotiation opportunities. With the assistance of Dwolla’s configurable account-to-account solution, Glean has helped businesses analyze over $500 million in vendor spend.

Dwolla’s dependable payment platform ensures Glean’s process is seamless for finance teams. A robust API and comprehensive developer tools made it quick and easy for Glean to build, test and implement Dwolla’s payment system.

Information Gleaned During Daily Processes

Often the reason 82% of small businesses fail is due to poor cash flow management. Regrettably, traditional bill payment service providers do not provide or display the critical information that can help finance teams optimize their companies’ cash flow.

An estimated 14% of invoices contain billing errors. A 2020 survey conducted by Glean and finance leaders found 11% of vendor spend could be reduced with greater scrutiny of invoices and billing relationships.

These errors and optimizations translate into $130 billion annually, just for small and midsize businesses.

As software spend proliferates and more expenses are charged to credit cards (that don’t have formal review/approval processes), this problem is, unfortunately, likely to worsen. This makes it critical to work with the best bill payment service provider.

Decision Making Based on Data

Research shows 79% of finance teams don’t use tools to track vendor costs. This creates a timing problem where finance leaders don’t have the insight and data needed to make timely, informed spending decisions. By the time critical information gets to finance teams, often the deal is already done and there’s nothing left to do but pay the bill—then update the accounting system 12 months later.

Many invoices are paid without any scrutiny, but Glean customer experiences have shown that companies could reduce 11% of vendor spend if they had the right information up front.

When given access to the right information, companies make better, more informed and collaborative decisions about how and where they spend their money.

As the only accounts payable solution offering business intelligence on top of powerful automation, Glean AI cuts out manual work and line-item data analysis for game-changing insights.

Glean AI’s differentiation primarily comes from its unique understanding of what’s happening at a line-item level on a bill. When using Glean AI, finance teams and approvers may be alerted that spend with a specific vendor increased 23% month-over-month, as well as why the bill increased.

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Glean AI customers not only get unmatched accounts payable automation functionality, but also timely spend insights that help analyze where they may be overspending. By breaking invoices down by what was purchased and how much it cost (rather than just the total amount spent), Glean understands trends, purchasing behavior and the opportunity for savings. With this information, it uses algorithms to proactively identify areas where money is being misspent, as well as opportunities to help negotiate better deals with vendors based on our aggregated benchmarking data.

Just like Dwolla, Glean uses sophisticated technology to solve real-world problems.

Glean is changing the way companies manage their vendor spend. Dwolla is powering the way those funds are transferred.

Together we grow together to build value for our clients and end users with a seamless and streamlined experience.
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