Easy-to-understand API + Consistent Pricing Structure = Smooth Sailing
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GetMyBoat is an online marketplace that connects boat owners with those looking to rent. With thousands of listings at different prices and locations for boat renters to choose from, GetMyBoat needed a sophisticated payments platform that allowed them to send payments through the ACH Network daily.

Dwolla was the lighthouse in a storm.

Dwolla’s easy-to-understand API and predictable pricing structure met the needs of GetMyBoat, resulting in a solution that processes numerous payments each day.

Since the initial integration, GetMyBoat has benefited from a platform with nearly 100% uptime, saving time and money in operational expenses.

“As we looked to build out our business, we needed an API that met our technical standards—and Dwolla did just that. From functionality to integration support, Dwolla’s bank transfer API has been ideal in helping us scale. On top of that, using the Dashboard and Admin in conjunction with our processes has provided helpful insights and saved time.”


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