A phased approach to implementing Same Day ACH was established in order to give financial institutions and other affected parties ample time to make necessary changes. The three stages of the Same Day ACH rollout are as follows:

Phase 1 – September 2016 (for payouts): Ability to receive and process Same-Day credits becomes mandatory, the 10:30AM ET and 2:45PM ET processing windows open and the new 1:00PM ET and 5:00PM ET settlement times open.

Phase 2 – September 2017 (payout and collect payments): Ability to receive and process Same-Day credits and debits becomes mandatory.

Phase 3 – March 2018 (make funds available by end of business day): Make eligible Same Day ACH funds (i.e. sent before the cut-off window) available to the payee by end of business on the same day.

If you are interested in leveraging Same-Day ACH within your business, first talk to your financial institution to determine if leveraging Same-Day ACH is cost-effective and appropriate for your use case. The first rollout will benefit those who need to run payroll, P2P payments, and same-day bill pay. The second phase of Same-Day ACH will be appealing to those receiving customer bill payments.

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