By: Ben Milne,

I have said time and time again that I believe there will be a moment when transaction fees become less valuable than what can be built on top of the network.

That time has come. As of now, our $0.25 per transaction fee has been removed, for everyone, for every type of transaction.

Removing transaction fees to make way for more control & more features.

Dwolla has been quietly providing features, services, and custom software to specific clients to improve their ACH payments for years and we’re excited to make these simple features available to other members of the network today.

We’re starting with a small list of paid features and will continue to expand.

Here is a sample of some of the features being made more accessible today:

If you’re looking for more options, such as white label solutions where your customer can pay through a seamless experience that maintains your brand’s look and feel… Let us know.

Building a better network.

Creating an open way to exchange value for any type of transaction without bloated fees is why Dwolla was started and this is an important day for us continuing to drive that mission forward.

This move also helps us focus on helping developers who are going to create the next great innovation. Developers should be able to make a living building great software. It’s the reason we built the facilitator fee functionality. Our APIs will remain freely available, as will our network enhancements.

We hope you enjoy the new price structure and we are excited to see how you innovate with it. Build better payments into your platform or application, reach out to one of our integration specialists today to get started.

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