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What if growing your savings account was as easy as putting a little cash away each time you made a purchase? Or, what if you could automatically save for a discounted gift card to a retailer you love so you could make guilt-free purchases while getting a great deal?

It’s all possible—it’s as simple as signing up for EarnSmart, and linking up to 10 of your debit or credit cards to the platform. From there, EarnSmart handles the saving so you don’t have to.

earnsmartEarnSmart keeps track of your purchases and initiates a transfer each day toward your EarnSmart pot (in amounts of 50¢, $1, or $2 per purchase), pooling your funds until you reach your goal. Of course, if at any time you want to withdraw your funds back to your checking account, you are able to.

earnsmart-dashboardEarnSmart was excited to deliver an easy way to contribute to savings goals, regardless of whether you’re saving for a weekend getaway, some new clothes or shoes, or just the ability to feel okay about buying your latte every morning. However, it didn’t want to reinvent the wheel by building a payment network from the ground up. That’s where Dwolla’s White Label bank transfer API came in.

“Before building the application we did some market research and it became very apparent that no one is interested in signing up for a savings tool, designed to improve your money habits, that charges a fee. This meant that EarnSmart needed to find a safe, secure, payments platform that didn’t bankrupt the company on ACH transfer fees. Dwolla white label was the perfect solution. Using the Dwolla ACH API we were able to complete the application build significantly faster than if we had built an ACH solution in-house, and Dwolla’s focus on security and compliance gives us peace of mind as we execute transfers on behalf of our customer base. Effectively, Dwolla white label delivers the exact solution we needed with a cost structure that works for our business.“

Johnny Van Siclen, EarnSmart Founder & CEOEarnSmart CEO

EarnSmart gathers customer data and verifies their bank account independently of Dwolla’s bank account verification solution, but then passes the verified information to Dwolla via the API and to mark as a verified bank account.

The end-user simply agrees to Dwolla’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which is done by checking a box at Partner account registration or they’re appended to EarnSmart’s Terms of Service. This helps facilitate a frictionless end-user experience, never requiring the customer to create and link a separate payment account.


EarnSmart then utilizes Dwolla’s White Label bank transfers API to send automatic transfers from a customer’s checking account to their EarnSmart balance to contribute to savings.

Dwolla was a good solution for EarnSmart because its users are able to hold a balance in a white label capacity. When the user requests the money be withdrawn to their checking account, Dwolla is able to push the funds back to their account. And if they have chosen to cash in on a retail goal, EarnSmart is able to complete that transaction on their behalf.

EarnSmart was able to focus on the product and service that it wanted to provide its customers, while incorporating its ideal and seamless payment flow. By leveraging webhooks via our API, EarnSmart is able to send branded communications to its users about their account and transaction status changes.

Dwolla White Label provides the bank transfer functionality that other applications or services can bake into their platform in a way that doesn’t distract from the service they’re providing. If your service needs help with payments, please reach out and we’d be happy to help you.

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