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Key Updates:

1. Password Reset Flow 

Users wishing to change their password would get navigated to an old reset page, adding an unnecessary step in the process. We’ve simplified the password reset flow, allowing users to reset their password with ease. 

2. Slack Integration Bug Fix

Clients who’ve enabled the Slack integration on their Dwolla account reported receiving intermittent duplicate notifications. We’ve made sure our Clients only receive the right amount of notification.

3. PDF No Longer Supported for Personal Identification Documents

Beginning on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, Dwolla will no longer support .pdf file uploads for personal verification documents to ensure the best possible user experience for individuals uploading user documents.

This change will result in the Dwolla API returning an HTTP 400 validation error if a .pdf file is detected for an individual. Document types that are in the file format of .pdf will only be supported for Business Verified Customers where the documentType is specified as “other”.

Tech Topics:

1. Dwolla API Spec

Learn more on the OpenAPI initiative as well as the benefits and tooling that go along with publishing our API specification. The Open API Specification has gained wide industry adoption by API providers and provides a language-agnostic interface for describing REST APIs.


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