Key Updates:

1. Customer Feedback Program 

Dwolla’s product team has recently launched a program to ensure a better feedback loop between customers and product development. The Customer Feedback Program is a small set of influential customers who will interact on a regular basis with Dwolla’s product discovery team. These customers will have the opportunity to exert influence on in-flight feature development as well as shape the product roadmap. Additionally, these customer feedback partners will have the privilege of early access to beta features in exchange for their feedback and product suggestions. We are actively looking for additional customers to join the program! Interested?  Reach out to your Account Manager.

2. Webhook Updates 

Webhooks are key to maintaining a robust application. From updating components in the front end of your application, to notifying your end users of status changes, having a reliable way to consume events can give you peace of mind to automate day-to-day activities. We recently identified a few pain points that caused us to rethink our methods of webhook delivery.

By re-architecting our webhooks system, we have been able to improve performance and reduce bottlenecks to keep our customers’ applications working as quickly as they need. Our new and improved webhook sending service is currently being tested in the sandbox environmentCreate a new webhook subscription and give it a try.

3. New Developer Tool for Webhooks

Want to create a new webhook subscription in the sandbox but don’t know where to start? Head over to our Dwolla Github page and check out our new Webhooks Receiver Sample App. This handy developer tool will help create a webhook subscription and verify the signature.

4. TraceID in the Dashboard and API

Dwolla appends a unique TraceID after a transfer is initiated and exported on the ACH file. The TraceID is passed through to the receiving depository financial institution. It can be used for customer service issues that may arise with regards to the end user having a question on the status of the payment. A good example of this is if your end user changes their bank account information after a payment was already submitted to their old bank account, using the TraceID may allow the receiving bank to help the end user track down the payment and re-route it to the correct bank account. TraceID is found in the fly out panel when a transaction is selected in the Dashboard, and listed in the Developer Documentation under ‘Transfer Resource

Platform Reinforcements:

1. Token endpoint update

We have sunsetted our old OAUTH access token endpoint.

With this update, the token URL, as well as the manner in which an application’s client credentials are sent to Dwolla, is inline with OAuth spec.

2. Platform uptime 

Dwolla systems continue to maintain excellent uptime in February, exceeding our uptime commitment of 99.9% uptime.

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