For an investment platform aiming to simplify raising capital and investing in Oil & Gas projects, EnergyFunders needed to simplify their payment processes to align with their messaging.

With the EnergyFunders application, energy companies looking to raise their seed or Series A funding round can have their project posted on EnergyFunders and shared among investors with vested interests in energy projects.

Initially, EnergyFunders would send and receive payments by mailing paper checks back and forth with its investors.

To streamline these processes, EnergyFunders integrated with Dwolla’s ACH payment API.

This led EnergyFunders to cut the amount of time spent on manual payments tasks by 50% while saving about 20% in costs.

“We could issue a mass payment, tell it the breakdown for each individual user based on their investment percentage and then it pays them all out in one go,” says Aalok Shah, CTO of EnergyFunders. “Dwolla is much easier to keep track of, manage and simpler overall.”

Electronic payments are energy givers. Don’t stifle that energy with paper checks.

Read the entire case study here.

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