This is a guest post authored by Corey McSparen, Solutions Architect/Partner at We Write Code.

Electronically transmitting payment data is no longer considered a convenience but an expectation in today’s digital marketplace. At We Write Code, we’re helping businesses take part in a digital transformation by simplifying the process of adding electronic payment functionality to applications.

As a software development firm, our expertise with financial technology helps us deliver secure financial and payment-related features to our clients and their end users. Our clients, ranging from existing Fortune 500 companies to startups, are demanding more payment options for their end users, along with faster transfers and lower transaction costs. Adding payment functionality and the necessary funding workflows to an application can be a challenging undertaking, even with a skilled in-house software development team. 

Whether we’re needed to enhance a web application, cloud infrastructure or build custom software, we believe that good development should be interactive, flexible and highly personalized. Our team has experience delivering responsive, intuitive solutions using modern tools and software libraries. That includes working internationally and in a variety of industries, including agriculture, environmental sciences and finance. 

Through our partnership with Dwolla, we’ve gained valuable insight into the nuanced business flows, compliance requirements and inner workings of the Dwolla API. Our partnership not only gives us a deeper understanding of the Dwolla Platform, but provides us with additional resources to resolve issues quickly and better serve our mutual customers. We make it easier for you to go live with your own money-moving system. 

Our team can help work through the various funding flows available, identify the correct corresponding customer type and deliver a robust integration that gets money moving through the ACH Network right away. Engaging with We Write Code can kick off a simple integration of Dwolla’s ACH API with an existing system or a larger endeavor like creating a brand new application and using Dwolla for facilitating funds. Securely sending money through the ACH Network can be a quick and easy experience using Dwolla’s ACH API. 

Coupling Dwolla’s powerful ACH API with our ability to deliver custom fintech solutions is making it easier for clients to take their creative products to market and have a faster return on their investment. 

We put 100% into 100% of our projects, allowing you to do what you do best. We Write Code, you grow your business. 


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