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Dwolla has held a long-standing value of growing our team with creative, inventive and passionate people.

This means we hire people that care deeply about their work quality and about building a great product. It also means that we hire dynamic people who have passions in many different facets of their lives.

If you get to know our team members and their personal passions, you would learn that they serve on community boards, volunteer at their children’s schools, teach students to code and so much more.

The Background

Our entire team sat down last year to talk openly and honestly about our company culture.

It’s safe to say, I could fill an entire blog post about why Dwolla is a great place to work. It is—and there is no doubt we gave a nod to all those things that make it great. In this particular meeting we spent most of our time in raw, even what you may call uncomfortable, conversation.

Our team entered this conversation with intentions to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, applying what we had learned in a recent unconscious bias training. Our goal was to address what we could do better in terms of company culture, from many viewpoints.

Our meeting yielded a range of things we could improve upon—parental leave, retaining and recruiting a diverse and inclusive team, and better supporting our community to name a few.

Enter, our new Volunteer Time Off (VTO) plan. Dwolla already offers great perks, but the team saw an opportunity to further encourage and support each other’s personal passions. It was the consensus that volunteering time to organizations or activities an individual was passionate about was a great way to further support our community.

The Value

With that perspective, our leadership team approved 8 hours per year designated for VTO to each team member, and they may use this time to volunteer with any non-profit organization of their choice. As a team, this means we could volunteer over 500 hours to our community this year.

The volunteer time off requirements are simple: plan your time off responsibly, do something you care about and have fun making a difference. As an organization, and even personally, we believe that the best teams are built by the inclusion of diverse ideas, experiences, and people.

In offering the chance to get out and volunteer in whatever activities resonate most deeply with those team members, we believe we’re setting a tone for a positive workplace.

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